Display Only —— Native Alaskan Harpoon, Replica Reproduction

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Display Only —— Native Alaskan Harpoon, Replica Reproduction
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harpoon 006  This is a functional native Alaskan Harpoon replica reproduction.  Point shaft is 1095 steel inserted into moose antler shaft hole for a break away point upon hitting hunted game.  This allows the point to be free from harpoon shaft preventing damaging of harpoon spear during fight to retrieve speared game.  A very important hunting design learned early on by the Northern Inuit Hunters.  This design prevented from loss of game.  The harpoon shaft is carved from Hickory for strength, copper ring eyelets attached to spear for line retrieving. The line is braided natural

I crafted this replica as close as possible to the harpoons used by Native Alaskans.  This is a short style harpoon design they used for hunting sea mammals and fish at breathing holes in the sea ice.  The harpoon is a spear designed to secure the detachable point to the animal with a line attached to the point allowing the hunter to retrieve his quarry.  The line is attached to the spear through slide rings of wire or shaft holes.  The detachable point allows for the shaft to remain on the line and not interfere with point security to the animal.  The retrieving line is made from braded 3 strand sinew approximately 30′ long.  This was the typical length for this type of spear.

The harpoon was a fundemental hunting weapon and continues in use to this day.

This replica is fully functional and built strong enough to last many years for this type of hunting.  The point is from 1095 carbon steel heat treated to Rc58.  The point holder/retrieving line connector is Caribou Antler fastened to the harpoon shaft with an 8″ long x 1/4″ thick steel rod in an epoxy filled pocket through antler into a hickory wood shaft wrapped with sinew.  Two copper wrapped rings on the shaft for line guides & the braded sinew should hold anything you thrust your spear into.  It is fastened to an antler piece at the end for security of loss.

A formidable hunting weapon.

Oal  approx. 4′,     1  1/4″ thick at tapered shaft’s thickest point

spear point 6  1/2″ long,   sharpened spear point tip  approx. 3″ long


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