Native Alaskan Knives & Tool Replicas

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While modern technology has replaced many native traditions & hunting tools, the most fundamental hunting tool (harpoon & Ulu) are still used today.

The harpoon is a spear with a detachable point fastened to a retrieving line, through an eye on the spear & to the thrower. This hunting tool was and is very efficient for spearing Sea Mammals at their breathing holes in the ice & in open water.

The Native Inuit People developed the most complex hunting tools used for all Sea Mammals and sometimes fish as well.  After the hunt is over, the processing of their harvest begins & that was usually performed with a form of Ulu knife by the hunters.  Ulus were made in different sizes and shapes depending what they were using it for.  Men used different ulu knives for slabbing Whale blubber, skinning seals, etc and women used them for preparing foods in the kitchen, cutting clothes patterns from skins and including many other chores.  Often called “The Great Alaskan Hunting Tool”.


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