Healing Hearts brings tears of joy

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I am very honored to be part of this… Folks, Immediately below is the response I received from James of The Alaskan Healing Hearts Foundation for our Wounded Warrior Soldiers.  I had sent James 3 of my knives to sell to help raise money for this organization that I now belong to.  He chose not to sell them, but to present them to three deserving disabled soldiers.  I wish I could have been there. “I decided that selling the knives was not worth any amount we could get from them. Here’s why: We had Airborne Brothers there who went through some very serious emotional growth and self awareness and in a matter of days made huge inroads to recovery.  I chose to present your knives to each of them as seemed the best fit.  The fillet knife to a hard core fisherman, and the hunters to one very dedicated hunter and the other to a first time hunter who killed and learned to skin his first bear at our camp. Each presentation (one on one from Paratrooper to Paratrooper) brought tears of joy and honor, so please know that nothing could be more fitting and appreciated than your gift to these great young men. Thank you...

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